• Does your condition define you?

    Chronic conditions tend to creep in and define people. Disease tries to find a way in, and take over. In my practice I have seen countless people suffering immensely from conditions that have come to define them. This is not…

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  • Portland's Naturopath Dr. Kelly Prill Elemental Wellness

    4 Tips to Combat Daylight Savings

    Fall backwards may give us an extra hour of sleep, but it also means darker evenings. What can you do to regulate your circadian rhythm and avoid the winter blues? Incorporate these 4 habits into your life today! Keep Moving While…

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  • Naturopathic Neurology

    Why I Chose Neurology

    After four years of practicing in primary care, I have seen a fair amount of people with ranging conditions and symptoms. Some patients had previously worked with a naturopathic doctor, while many were looking for a new perspective to health.…

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