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4 Tips to Combat Daylight Savings


Fall backwards may give us an extra hour of sleep, but it also means darker evenings. What can you do to regulate your circadian rhythm and avoid the winter blues? Incorporate these 4 habits into your life today!

Keep Moving

  • While you know that exercise is good for you the research is truly astounding! Different types of movement create different effects, but any movement is better than none. It also boosts important neurotransmitters that improve mood, focus and concentration.
    • Exercising in the morning will help you wake up and give your brain and adrenals a boost.
    • If you sit all day consider investing in a moving work station. Otherwise try to stand up and stretch every hour to wake up your brain and improve focus.

Get Outside

  • Even better, move outside. I know it is hard with the rain and less daylight, but fresh air rejuvenates your brain and your body! Natural light is important for healthy rhythms (even if it is gray light). Soak up any and all vitamin D that you can during the winter months
    • Walk to the store, café, work or school. I know it is not cool to use an umbrella in Portland, but if it means getting outside more, do it!
    • Take 10 deep breaths outside

Safeguard Your Sleep Cycle

Your brain loves routine! Go to bed at the same time and more importantly wake up at the same time. Weekend sleep-ins confuse your brain and can throw off your circadian rhythm. This is especially important with the time change. Pick a time to wake up and stick to it strictly for a month or so to retrain your body.

Light It Up

No, do not take up smoking! Sometimes the gray is just too much. Invest in a natural light wake up alarm clock. They really do make an incredible difference for many people. Use full spectrum light bulbs at work and at home to incorporate as much light as possible.