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Resolution Rehab: 8 Tips to Promote Realistic Changes

Recreate resolutions that provide change! The beginning of the year marks a time for reflection, change and a clean slate. Healthy habits like eating better, exercising, quit smoking, organizing life, and of course happiness are popular changes…. But how do you turn these ideas into practice?

Here are some ways to make your resolutions are realistic and achievable. Resolutions are important, not just in January, but all year for growth, change and optimal health. If you resolutions are starting to wane, try reinventing them with the tips below.


What was your resolution last year? Did it happen? What changes did you make because of it? If it didn’t happen, why not? How would you do it differently? Take some time to reflect on the positive changes you made last year! Where have you been and where are you going. Take time to enjoy the ups and downs and changes over the last year. Note what you did that added positivity and growth.

Create a Vision

How do you see your future self? Where are you headed and what does the path look like? A vision serves as a reminder of why you are creating new habits, ideas and choices. A long-term plan reminds you to look forward instead of giving in to impulsive decisions.

Make a Wish List

Write it down! What are your wishes, goals and aspirations for the next year? Wishes and hopes are often confused with resolutions. You may wish to lose weight or exercise more, but these are not specific goals. A wish list is a great start to creating a resolution that is specific and attainable.


Wish: I want to lose 10lbs.

Resolution: I am going to recruit a running partner, or I am going to exercise 3 days every week. I am going to eat 6 servings of veggies every day. You get the idea!

Realistic Resolutions

Keep it simple! While a clean slate is motivating and exciting, simplicity will make a resolution more sustainable. If you are increasing exercise, but you currently do not do anything, start by working out three times a week first and slowly work up to 5-6 days of exercise a week. If you burn out in the first couple weeks, you are less likely to stick to it.

Ask Why!

What are you hoping to achieve? While weight loss is great – how will it make you feel? Confident. Strong. Fit. Happy. How will these feelings affect your progression? If you define your reason for a resolution you will work harder to keep it up!


Outline how it fits into your daily routine. How does this affect your day? The more you do something the easier it is. Giving up sugar – what will you do in place of dessert? What will you have to change or move around in your schedule?

Measure It

Progression is motivating! No matter what your resolution, make a timeline to check in and mark your progress. Forward motion is incentive enough to keep at it or even raise the bar. If you are not meeting your goals you can re-evaluate and make changes that are more realistic. There is no shame in redirecting, especially if it helps continue a healthy habit.


Laughter makes hard times more tolerable. Find ways to bring joy to whatever your goals may be. If it is enjoyable then you are more likely to keep it up.

May this year bring you love, laughter and amazing health! Good luck with whatever changes you choose to make for your resolution!