Naturopathic Neurology

Why I Chose Neurology

photo-1445274117749-4afe18f783dcAfter four years of practicing in primary care, I have seen a fair amount of people with ranging conditions and symptoms. Some patients had previously worked with a naturopathic doctor, while many were looking for a new perspective to health. My experience has taught me naturopathic treatments work well, but occasionally they don’t. It is these cases that made me question what else could be going on. My approach to medicine has always been a functional medicine view. If something is not working I need to look further into the physiology of the condition to find the dysfunction. I flew down to California to take a continuing education course on brain health with the well renowned Dr. Kharrazzian. After one intensive weekend of learning how the brain influences the body I knew it was the missing piece to my practice. I quickly searched high and low to find how I could learn more. This led me to the Carrick Institute where I am currently enrolled to become a functional neurologist.

I love the brain! The more I learn the more amazed and fascinated I become. The brain is like a fingerprint. We all have one and it serves a common purpose. But it is individual to each of us. From how it functions, to environment and health related choices it reacts differently. My goal at Elemental Wellness is to never stop asking why. As I continue another year of education, I am focusing on the treatment of the nervous system with all conditions. The neck down approach is not working in modern medicine. Learning how the brain or control center is affecting the entire body brings a wholistic approach to healthcare.

Dementia is heartbreaking and on the rise. After doing some soul searching on how I could make an impact in the world I realized brain health was vital for mental health, prevention of disease and cognitive impairment. My hope is to prevent dementia before it sets in. My visits are structured to provide diet, nutrition and lifestyle guidance shown to decrease risk of dementia. After all, a solid healthy foundation provides prevention of chronic disease and freedom to live the life you choose.